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Small Business Accountant in Ottawa

Small Business Tax Accountant in Ottawa

Smith & West is one of Ottawa’s most well-known chartered professional accountants for tax services. We have served numerous organizations from various industries. Our knowledgeable team of advisors has provided accounting, tax, and advisory solutions for start-ups and small businesses from the beginning.

As a small business, you want to focus on building a successful company from the ground up. As a start-up company, you want to focus on building a successful company from the ground up. We will work with you to effectively define and establish your business, provide you with finance-related support, and offer you the necessary guidance to create a successful enterprise. Give us a call if you need a tax accountant in Ottawa.

Why Your Small Business Needs a Tax Accountant in Ottawa

Accounting is a crucial business function when beginning a small firm. It gives business owners the clearest insight into the performance of their operations. Additionally, for tax and regulatory reasons, entrepreneurs must maintain a wealth of records of their small businesses.

  • Forecast Business Outlook

Entrepreneurs typically draft a business strategy that contains financial reports, an economic outlook, and projected expenditures. Lenders and investors rely largely on this accounting information to make sure that the business owner has a clear understanding of the expected financial results.

  • Plan Budget

Making a budget is a crucial accounting task when beginning a small business. Budgets lay out the costs associated with various business activities. Businesses may set aside money for recruiting staff, marketing plans, stock purchases, and other forms of business expenses. Entrepreneurs can save money by adhering to a budget and avoiding spending it on non-essential business expenditures.

  • Determine Revenue and Profits

Most often, a business will gauge its profitability through accounting. Businesses must determine how effectively they are employing their resources to produce services as well as how the cost of their inventory compares to their profit margin.

  • Gain Insight

Small businesses may seek guidance from a certified public accountant. They offer a wealth of education, expertise, or skill when assisting entrepreneurs in arranging their business accounting processes. Business owners may also want expert advice when submitting tax returns and making sure all business-related expenses are covered at year’s end.

Grow Your Business With an Ottawa Small Business
Tax Accountant

Our team of chartered professional accountants at Smith & West develops tailored strategies to meet the requirements of your company. We do this by using in-depth expertise of the most recent CRA laws. You can trust that we always have your best interest and bottom line in mind. We’ll work with you to integrate tax consulting and advising services into the bigger financial picture of your small business.

Why Choose Smith & West as Your Accounting Firm

We are your trusted team for accounting, tax, & consulting with integrity, quality, and professionalism.

chartred professional accountants

Chartered Professional Accountants

Our CPA team is committed to quality work based on a bedrock of knowledge.

Chartered Professional Accountants

A leading firm of chartered professional accountants in Ottawa, Smith & West brings a range of experience and a commitment to quality work based on a bedrock of knowledge.
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One-Stop Firm for Accounting, Tax & Finance

We have a depth of accounting & finance experience to meet all your needs.

One-Stop Firm for Accounting, Tax & Finance

A leading firm of chartered professional accountants in Ottawa, Smith & West brings a range of experience and a commitment to quality work based on a bedrock of knowledge.
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An Individual, Customized Experience

We provide tax, accounting, & advisory solutions with a personable approach.

An Individual, Customized Experience

A leading firm of chartered professional accountants in Ottawa, Smith & West brings a range of experience and a commitment to quality work based on a bedrock of knowledge.
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Smith & West offers accounting, tax, & financial transaction services to assist you in managing the growth of your small business. We can help you do things the right way — from setting up your business to payroll and bookkeeping to saving money on taxes. Our team in Ottawa will help you put things into perspective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The trusted team for accounting, tax & consulting with integrity, quality and professionalism.

Estate planning is the process of creating set instructions describing how your assets are to be distributed, who they are to be distributed to, when they are to go to them, and in which form they are to be distributed. 

Many people assume estate planning is only for the wealthy or elderly, however, estate planning is important for everyone who owns any assets or funds. For example, if you own a car, a house/condo, bank accounts, or any other personal possessions then proper estate planning can help you avoid unnecessary taxes and legal hassles. 

Additionally, in the event you are incapacitated, estate planning also allows you to select powers of attorney to make medical/financial decisions on your behalf. Effective estate planning saves your loved ones from additional heartache, contact Smith & West today to learn more. 

An effective estate plan required a whole team of professionals to collaborate. Professionals such as attorneys, investment advisors, insurance specialists, and CPAs all have to work cohesively together to ensure your plan caters to your needs and wants.

A CPA brings his or her in-depth knowledge of taxes which allows you to be aware of the potential tax implications of your estate plan. This also allows you to ensure that your estate is being preserved and isn’t subjected to taxes that could potentially be avoided.

Additionally, a CPA can also provide you with the future value of your estate by using their knowledge of market trends and finances. 

Here at Smith & West, we offer a multitude of estate tax planning services:

– Wills & Estates
– Estate Trust & Income Tax
– Estate Law
– Trust Tax Returns
– Dissolving of Trusts

If you require any assistance with the services listed above, please contact us today.

We have an experienced team of Chartered Professional Accountants who have extensive experience helping clients create the best estate plan that caters to all their wants and needs. We are a one-stop firm that can help with accounting, tax, and finance.

We know everyone is different which is why we provide customized solutions based on your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more. 

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