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Smith & West is an Ottawa-based chartered professional accountant firm providing tax consulting & tax advisory services.

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A Wealth of Tax Consulting Knowledge & Experience

Tax accounting is more than simply filing taxes properly with CRA. The delicate and dynamic balance of income and cash flow requires an intelligent approach to planning, mitigating, and managing your tax liabilities. This requires both extensive experience & up-to-date knowledge of CRA regulations as well as the ability to develop and implement tax strategies that are innovative and effective — all while upholding the integrity of the Canadian tax code and being able to work with CRA on your behalf.

Smith & West is an Ottawa-based chartered professional accounting firm committed to offering tax consulting & advisory services based on a wealth of tax knowledge and experience.

Why Do You Need Tax Services in Ottawa?

The trusted team for accounting, tax & consulting with integrity, quality and professionalism.

Tax, legislative, and regulatory policies have an increasing impact on business, whether big or small. For one to succeed, it is essential to understand how these developments can affect internal business processes and what adjustments need to be made.

Every money you save today can be reinvested. With the right financial advice and knowledge of tax deductions and credits, you can save a significant amount of money and better organize your business capital.

The services provided by tax experts go beyond tax preparation. By providing tax advice and responding to tax-related inquiries, we help businesses reduce tax liabilities. We can also assist clients with long-term planning by drawing up a tax strategy for the succeeding years.

  • Get Eligible Deductions

A tax advisor or consultant can assist you in quickly identifying these possible deductions for the entire year and give you advice on how to decide strategically on year-end deductions. A knowledgeable and experienced tax adviser can suggest practical strategies to reduce your tax obligations without compromising your financial condition or violating the CRA. For instance, a tax expert could be able to uncover important tax deductions or credits you might have overlooked, saving you a few hundred or even several thousand dollars.

  • Provides Continuous Advice

By working with a tax advisor or consultant, you will be able to solicit updates or suggestions whenever you need them.

  • Keeps You Safe 

Working with a licensed tax consultant to keep your tax documents organized can help you stay on the right side of the law. They will be able to determine your financial condition and make sure that you’re using all available deductions and credits. Additionally, they can assure you that your taxes were submitted accurately.

Why Choose Smith & West CPA as Your Accounting Firm

The trusted team for accounting, tax & consulting with integrity, quality, and professionalism

chartred professional accountants

Chartered Professional Accountants

The CPA team is committed to quality work based on a bedrock of knowledge

Chartered Professional Accountants

A leading firm of chartered professional accountants in Ottawa, Smith & West brings a range of experience and a commitment to quality work based on a bedrock of knowledge.
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one stop firm

One Stop Firm for Accounting, Tax & Finance

Depth of accounting & finance experience to meet all your needs

One Stop Firm for Accounting, Tax & Finance

Our depth of experience in tax, accounting & advisory means we’re able to serve you effectively across a number of disciplines to meet all your needs in house.
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work closely with business oners

An Individual, Customized Experience

Tax, accounting & advisory solutions with a personable approach

An Individual, Customized Experience

Smith & West is committed to offering the best tax, accounting & advisory solutions while maintaining a personalized experience for each of our clients.
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Customized Tax Advisory Scaled to Your Needs

Whether your tax consulting & advisory needs are constrained to a specific project or endeavour, or you have ongoing goals for tax planning & mitigation strategies, Smith & West offers the right blend of Canadian tax experience as well as a personalized approach. Our team of chartered professional accountants utilizes thorough knowledge and the most up-to-date CRA regulations to formulate tax strategies that are customized to the needs of your business.

We work with clients to incorporate tax consulting into the broader financial picture of your business so that you can rest assured we are always looking out for your best interests and bottom line.

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Dedicated Chartered Professional Accountants & Business Advisors