Keeping your business compliant with Canadian GST/HST requirements with payments, filing, audit assistance & more

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Hire the Experienced Tax Professionals for GST/HST Compliance

The Canadian value added tax of GST or HST (Harmonized Sales Tax or HST in several provinces; GST or Goods & Services Tax in others) is required for nearly every business transaction in Canada. Staying compliant with HST/GST regulations and on-time collection, filing & payment are crucial steps in your business that cannot be overlooked. Whether you are establishing a business and setting up your HST/GST registration, or you own / manage ongoing business, your best bet is to hire tax professionals to handle your HST/GST compliance.

At Smith & West, we’re an Ottawa-based firm of chartered professional accounts with a depth & breadth of experience in HST/GST compliance, including registration, collection, filing, payment, audits and more.

Why Your Small Business Needs a Tax Accountant in Ottawa

Accounting is a crucial business function when beginning a small firm. It gives business owners the clearest insight into the performance of their operations. Additionally, for tax and regulatory reasons, entrepreneurs must maintain a wealth of records of their small businesses.

  • Forecast Business Outlook

Entrepreneurs typically draft a business strategy that contains financial reports, an economic outlook, and projected expenditures. Lenders and investors rely largely on this accounting information to make sure that the business owner has a clear understanding of the expected financial results.

  • Plan Budget

Making a budget is a crucial accounting task when beginning a small business. Budgets lay out the costs associated with various business activities. Businesses may set aside money for recruiting staff, marketing plans, stock purchases, and other forms of business expenses. Entrepreneurs can save money by adhering to a budget and avoiding spending it on non-essential business expenditures.

  • Determine Revenue and Profits

Most often, a business will gauge its profitability through accounting. Businesses must determine how effectively they are employing their resources to produce services as well as how the cost of their inventory compares to their profit margin.

  • Gain Insight

Small businesses may seek guidance from a certified public accountant. They offer a wealth of education, expertise, or skill when assisting entrepreneurs in arranging their business accounting processes. Business owners may also want expert advice when submitting tax returns and making sure all business-related expenses are covered at year’s end.

Grow Your Business With an Ottawa Small Business
Tax Accountant

Our team of chartered professional accountants at Smith & West develops tailored strategies to meet the requirements of your company. We do this by using in-depth expertise of the most recent CRA laws. You can trust that we always have your best interest and bottom line in mind. We’ll work with you to integrate tax consulting and advising services into the bigger financial picture of your small business.

Why Choose Smith & West as Your Accounting Firm

We are your trusted team for accounting, tax, & consulting with integrity, quality, and professionalism.

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Chartered Professional Accountants

Our CPA team is committed to quality work based on a bedrock of knowledge.

Chartered Professional Accountants

A leading firm of chartered professional accountants in Ottawa, Smith & West brings a range of experience and a commitment to quality work based on a bedrock of knowledge.
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One-Stop Firm for Accounting, Tax & Finance

We have a depth of accounting & finance experience to meet all your needs.

One-Stop Firm for Accounting, Tax & Finance

A leading firm of chartered professional accountants in Ottawa, Smith & West brings a range of experience and a commitment to quality work based on a bedrock of knowledge.
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An Individual, Customized Experience

We provide tax, accounting, & advisory solutions with a personable approach.

An Individual, Customized Experience

A leading firm of chartered professional accountants in Ottawa, Smith & West brings a range of experience and a commitment to quality work based on a bedrock of knowledge.
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Professional Tax Experts in GST/HST Audit & More

While complex and bureaucratic, Canada’s GST/HST laws and regulations are immovable features in the business landscape. Failure to comply with GST/HST code, especially in collection and/or payment, can result in a GST/HST audit. Should you be facing a GST/HST audit, Smith & West has the experienced tax specialists who can help. We also work with a wide range of business clientele in GST/HST planning, registration, collecting, filing and payment, as hands-on or on a GST/HST consulting basis, to keep your business running smoothly.

Talk to the Ottawa-based GST/HST tax experts at Smith & West today, and find out how we can help with your business’s needs when it comes to staying with GST & HST.

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Dedicated Chartered Professional Accountants & Business Advisors

Frequently Asked Questions

The trusted team for accounting, tax & consulting with integrity, quality and professionalism.

GST (Goods & Services Tax) and HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) are sales taxes that are required for nearly all transactions in Canada. In some provinces, such as New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and PEI, the GST has been combined with the provincial sales tax into HST.

These taxes are critically important to businesses as governments will check records of the collection, filing, and payments of sales taxes to ensure that businesses are complying with the law. Contact Smith & West to ensure your taxes comply with the law!

GST/HST compliance is important because failure to comply will likely result in penalties such as a lengthy audit and fines. An audit involves a complete analysis of your business taxes by the CRA. Avoid the lengthy audit and make sure your GST/HST compliance is in order with Smith & West!

If you find yourself facing an audit, Smith & West offers the services of experienced tax experts who can help navigate the confusing and administrative nightmare! Don’t wait to get started on your GST/HST compliance! Start now with Smith & West.

It’s important to work with a Chartered Professional Accountant because we scrutinize every fine detail and won’t miss anything. Our training means that we’re intimately familiar with the bureaucratic jargon that unqualified people may misunderstand.

People who lack the training and feel like they are able to complete it with no help other than Google are putting themselves at potential risk. Imperfections in your tax account may lead to fines, audits, and further problems. Avoid this by working with Smith & West!

Smith and West offer Ottawa-based services for every step of the GST/HST compliance process. Our experienced specialists are ready to help you with GST/HST:

  • Planning
  • Registration
  • Collecting
  • Filing
  • Payment

We’re happy to make the headache of GST/HST compliance the least of your concerns, and we’re confident that our experts will put a smile on your face. Don’t wait, contact Smith and West now to start the GST/HST compliance process!

Smith & West are Ottawa’s most-respected chartered professional accountants. We employ a wide range of experts across tax, financial, and managerial disciplines. Whether you’re seeking help for your business or your own individual taxes, Smith & West’s relentless dedication to your financial freedom aims to put a smile on your face and money in your pocket.

Contact us now to get started on your GST/HST compliance requirements. No challenge is too much for us and we’re excited to have you as our next satisfied client!